dad and daughter planting a tree

Around 145 years ago, the French brought the Statue of Liberty to the United States and it became the symbol of freedom. Today, Big Frenchies' mission is to help preserve that freedom through preventing child labor by keeping products made in the USA, protecting the environment through using strictly organic and compostable materials in all our products and helping preserve the planet for our kids by planting trees with each order.

dad and daughter planting a tree

Why Trees?

The name says it all. For every order made through Big Frenchies, there is one tree planted somewhere in the world! So, why trees, you ask? Trees help cool the planet by sucking in greenhouse gases, filter the air we breathe, and provide shelter to hundreds of animals and insects. We are already so invested in using less paper products and using recycled when possible, so planting trees seemed like a no-brainer for our company.

Our Partner

Our sustainability efforts truly define our brand, so finding a cause that mirrored our values wasn’t a task we took lightly. Ultimately, we decided to go with an organization that could truly benefit our customers and beyond — OneTreePlanted.

About OneTreePlanted

In 2020 alone, OneTreePlanted planted over 10 million trees in over 28 countries, and they've committed to doubling that number in 2021. We feel honored to be a part of that number! And while they are mainly about planting trees and promoting reforestation, they also have several other projects including carbon offsets and protecting the chimps. OneTreePlanted is partnered with The World Resources Institute, The United States Forest Service (USFS) and The Jane Goodall Institute to name a few, so Big Frenchies is in a good company. Join us in our mission for a better tomorrow!