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Are you looking for sustainable fashion with a fun, creative heart?

Made in America and designed in France, our 100% organic clothing is all about making families smile.

Dive into our selection of women's t-shirts with funny sayings to find the perfect design for you. Our expanding collection of quirky, original styles has something for everyone.

Original designs direct from France

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to create sustainably made clothing that puts the fun back into fashion.   

Bringing a touch of 'ooh, la, la,' our exclusive styles come straight from our partners in Paris. Witty motifs blended with the best of French culture that are perfect for Francophiles.

But we're not just here for customers who love all things French. Our humorous styles are for everyone, with a diverse range of original designs.

From women’s t-shirts right down to outfits for babies, moms will love our matching motifs, which allow everyone in the family to share the fun.

What matters to us is that we keep creating fresh designs that everyone in the family will love.

Our ecological ethos

Not content with generating more smiles, we strive to do better for the planet today and tomorrow.    

All our clothes are made with sustainable 100% organic cotton from American farms.

We also make all our clothes right here in America. This means we use 50% less water, 50% less energy, and generate 46% less CO2 than typical clothing manufacturers.

All our apparel is made with organic cotton certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guarantees that our fabrics are entirely organic. It also requires that all workers in the supply chain are being treated considerately by their employers.     

To ensure we're doing right by future generations, we also plant a tree every time we receive an order. What’s more, all our orders are shipped in biodegradable packaging. By doing this, we can help our children enjoy a greener planet. 

Why are we doing things differently?

Our origin story began in France with the founding of Petit Demon, our sister company across the Atlantic. The founder of Petit Demon set out to create a brand of ethically sourced clothing for families with a unique French influence.

We knew that folks in America would love the concept. To keep our business local and ethically responsible, we decided to set up Big Frenchies. Same inventive French designs, but made sustainably right here in America.

Although our designs are still inspired by our French roots, our range has expanded to include humorously offbeat creations for every personality.  

Together with a commitment to doing better for our planet, we can happily say that we are — American by Origin. French by Nature. Organic by Choice.

Whether you're looking for fun and sustainable clothing for your wardrobe or want to make someone's day with a thoughtful gift, our collection of women's t-shirts with funny sayings offers sustainable clothing you won't find anywhere else.